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Effective Date: September 17, 2021


  • Our farm has become a popular photo shoot destination for both professional and amateur photographers. We welcome photography on the farm and are excited to be part of the memories you’ll capture!

    Our 115-acre farm has many beautiful areas to backdrop your photos. Although Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm is only open to the public seasonally, the farmers work hard year-round to maintain the Christmas tree fields. The farm is a family-owned business with many employee expenses. We have been blessed with a business that continues to grow as has the interest of professional and amateur photographers. Therefore, it has become necessary for a photography policy to be developed along with fees.

    We appreciate our customers and all photographers understanding and cooperating with the policies that have been put into place.

  • Any and all professional or amateur photographers and their clients must understand and adhere to the following policy and rules, which have been established to allow an enjoyable experience for all our guests.

    We do require a modest fee and a signed Acknowledgement & Waiver Agreement for each photographer. Safety is our priority. Therefore, all photographers must complete and return “Request and Agreement and Waiver Forms” with payment before entering the farm. 

    Please call or email us for available dates and times and to request forms.

Policy and Guidelines:
  • Written Consent and Check-In: All professional photography performed at Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm must have written consent by Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm prior to photos being taken. Waiver forms must be signed prior to photography sessions. Any activity requiring an outside vendor will require prior notification and approval. Appointments must be made in advance. Check- in upon arrival at farm on day of scheduled photo shoot.

  • Photography Fees: Session Fee for photographers requiring no more than one hour is $40. A session is defined as time spent with one single client or family. Fees must be paid to Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm before the beginning of the scheduled photo session. Photography sessions will occur in a designated photo shoot location.  WE ACCEPT: Cash, checks, Visa, MC, Venmo

  • Re-scheduling: Every possible effort will be made to accommodate re-scheduling a session due to a weather event. Please call the farm for any date changes (912-266-4546).

  • Parking: Vehicles are NOT allowed in Christmas tree fields under any circumstances. All props, furniture, etc. must be carried to your photo shoot location. We recommend bringing a wagon to transport props and other items. Signs will indicate designated parking areas.

  • Photographer/Client Communication: Make sure clients have your cell phone number so that they can contact you upon their arrival. Being able to communicate is very important! There may be other professional photographers on the farm while you are here.

  • Safety: Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm is a fully-operating farmstead. Respect and be aware of other farm customers and what is going on around you. This is a working farm so there are often tractors, machinery, and other work happening. Please adhere to all posted safety warnings.

  • Disruptions: Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm reserves the right to prohibit any business disruptions to daily operations or to regular customers due to photography sessions. Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm also reserves the right to prohibit inappropriate attire on the premises.

  • Weather/Nature: Please take into consideration weather and the natural environment as you and your clients prepare for your visit with us. Boots or closed-toed shoes are recommended. Dress for the weather. Be aware of uneven ground, stickers, snakes, wasps, insects, fire ants, etc. in this natural environment.

  • Children: We ask that children under 12 years of age be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • Pets: Pets must remain on a leash at all times. Doggie-poo must be removed and disposed of properly. Please bring your own waste bags for doggie clean-up.

  • Props/Clean-up: Any props, clothing, furniture or other objects used for a photo shoot must be removed at the end of the session. A $100 clean-up fee will be charged if items remain. 

  • Those not following this policy may be asked to put away their equipment or leave the farm.

Please sign and return this form via one of the following methods to secure your date

    • Scan and email to:
    • Mail to: Webster’s Christmas Tree Farm, 1394 Christmas Tree Farm Rd SE, Darien, GA 31305