Updated September 16, 2021

Caring for your tree

  • We recommend the following:  leave your tree in the net, spray with water, shake excess water off your tree, place in your tree stand in the house with warm water and tree food.

    If your tree is 7′ tall or taller, you may want to tie it to a corner or wall to keep it from falling, with string or fishing line. We learned this lesson the hard way with our children!

    Remove the net by cutting it with a knife or scissors. Check the water level in your tree stand at least twice a day. Do not let your tree stand go dry! Keep the tree out of direct sunlight and away from heaters and heat vents. Always turn the tree lights off before retiring for the night or leaving your home. 

Caring for your greenery & wreaths

  • Spray with water twice a day or as needed by touch. Keep the wreath/greenery out of direct sunlight and away from heaters and heat vents so it may last longer!


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